Arcolina Panto


EDUCATION And experience 

Arcolina Panto received a bachelor's degree from New York University in 1999. After spending her last undergraduate semester in India, Ms. Panto realized that she wanted to be an advocate for under served communities. Ms. Panto attended UC Hastings in San Francisco, attaining her Juris Doctor in 2004. Her last semester in law school was spent at Leiden University in The Netherlands where she learned comparative international law.

Shortly after graduating law school, Ms. Panto began litigating. By 2007, Ms. Panto was litigating employment matters full time. In 2009, Ms. Panto began to practice bankruptcy law and expanded her litigation practice to include more constitutional law such as police misconduct matters.

Prior to 2009, it was not uncommon for employers to apologize for alleged discrimination and harassment. From 2009 onward, it seems as if facts and occurrences play less of a role, particularly when insurance coverage is in place. Rather than addressing fundamental public policy values of equality in the work place, employment litigation can easily get bogged down in minutiae which can earn defense attorneys enormous fees.

Plaintiffs who were initially harmed by the experience of discrimination at work, are consistently shocked by lumbering judicial process and the costs of litigation. Even worse, plaintiffs in employment matters may be very upset when defense attorneys use process to exacerbate harm and belittle the struggle for equality.

Ms. Panto has handled cases from pre-litigation negotiation through trial and beyond, in both state and federal court.